What is the worst hair cut for Curly Hair?

Having curly hair can be a blessing, and can also be a nightmare - if you have a bad haircut. Many spend hundreds of dolalrs in trying to make their hair curly (perms, and investments in hair products and styling tools), and it could be quite overwhelming if you're unfamiliar with styling curly hair



Back to the WORST hair cuts for curly hair, the key is Don't Cut Too Short - or rather, don't cut your hair as short as you think you want to. When you feel like 2 inches needs to be taken off from your length, start with 1 inch first and take a look when it's dried. Curly hair looks shorter than it looks when damp, and 1 inch off often looks like 2 inches had been cut. The curlier your hair is, the more it tends to spring up after it's cut.


Second, be mindful of how high your layers go. High layers for curly hair may not be the most flattering look, as high layers means there's a lot of shorter hair and if you have tighter wave / curles, they bounch up more than longer layers - causing unbalanced look and stringy lengths. A triangular shape is often created when curly hair gets cut with high / shorter layers

Third, curly hair needs products, period. The best hair cut for curly hair texture should be something that gives you framing for the face, and texturized to feel airy but not stringy. You should be able to just put some products in the hair, and scrunch to air-dry. Use a diffuser to make more volume, but be careful not to touch the hair too much as it leads to frizzier hair. Products like the Don't Blow Itis perfect for this styling routine. 


 Bumble and Bumble Don't Blow It Styling Cream

Or the Anti-humidity Gel Oil  for those who need anti-humidity properties and extra sheen. People love the gel oil as it has the "wet" properties of a gel, but none of the crunchiness or stickiness you'd expect from gels

curl anti-humidity gel oil


What are your thoughts on curly hair cuts? 


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