Japanese Straightening

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Muse has over 20 years of experience with Japanese Hair Straightening Services. We use the best quality products and you'll be in good hands with our super experienced stylists who turn any hair into perfect straight locks. 


Price starting from $250




What is Japanese Hair Straightening?

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Japanese hair straightening service uses a 2-step, special chemical solution that's applied to hair and left on processed.

This solution breaks down the hair's bonds that give it shape, allowing it to become straight when our stylist flat irons your hair. The hair is saturated with the solution, rinsed, dried with a blowdryer

and then flat-ironed with a dedicated ceramic flat iron in small 1/8-inch sections. Also like a perm solution, a neutralizer is then applied after the flat ironing is complete, which locks and seals the style in place. The entire process usually takes around 3-5 hours, depending on your hair's length and thickness.


Is it Permanent?

Once your hair is straightened with Japanese Straightening, it stays straight even after months and years. We recommend coming in every 5-6 months for a touch up, as you'll have a few inches of regrowth that needs to be straightened to match the rest of your hair.  So yes, Japanese Hair Straightening is permanent, but you'll still need to touch up the regrowth every 5-6 months.


Is it Damaging?

Japanese Straightening is a 2 step process:

 - 1st solution breaks the bond in your hair

 - We use ceramic flat iron to make your hair straight

 - 2nd solution locks and seals hair in place

Your hair is going to be damaged with the 1st solution, as it's required in order to reform your hair's structure. However, we use the best quality products to ensure Minimal damage is done, with most conditioning effects.

Your hair's quality is very important to us, and we offer a selection of add-on treatments to protect and repair your hair from chemical services such as the Japanese Straightening. Be sure to ask our stylists if this is something you are interested so we can go through the repair treatments with you.


Post Treatment Care

We recommend that you be very careful with your new pin-straight hair after the Japanese Straightening treatment is done. You can't wash it or pull it up into a ponytail for at least two days while it sets - 48 hours to be exact. 

Sulphate-free shampoo is recommended as it's less stripping. Japanese straightened hair is chemically damaged, and will start to lose moisture and become more dry as you wash your hair. We recommend using hair masks and treatments at home to maintain the moisture and integrity of hair. A once-a month salon treatment will greatly improve the texture and appearance of your hair, but using the right products at home is very important as well.




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