Switch your skin care routine for your Summer Skin!


As we are loving the Summer sun and the summer fun, we also notice there are changes to our skin. After the long season of dry and crispy cold air in Winter, we suddenly have the hot weather with increased humidity, longer days and more sun exposure. So make sure we adjust to a summer skincare regimen to combat these challenges of seasonal changes and keep that glow on our skin damage-free all year long. 

Deep Cleansing

It’s hot, and it feels damp and heavy. So while we would use a creamy cleanser for our dry winter, it’s time to Opt for a gel cleanser for a nice squeaky clean feel. Many of our Eminence gel cleansers not only provide the nice “fresh” feeling after washing, it also soothes and removes impurities in pores without irritating skin and it’s suitable for sensitive skin. 

*Stone Crop Gel Wash, Eucalyptus cleansing concentrate, Mangosteen Daily resurfacing cleanser, citrus exfoliating gel wash, clear skin cleanser and many more. 

Opt for a lighter moisturizer

Our skin needs moisture just like our body needs water no matter what time of the year. Luckily there are many moisturizers that can give us the hydration without weighing us down. Look for ingredients that are calming, balancing and repairing for skin. And of course, while we are busy taking care of our skin, we shall not forget to constantly replenish a good amount of fluid for our body!

Take a break from your Retinol (Vitamin A)

Retinol is awesome for increasing collagen production, improving texture, reducing congestion hence the reduced fine lines on our skin. However, we should save this for Fall because as great as it sounds, retinol will increase photosensitivity. It will increase your susceptibility to sun sensitivity, making this a big no no for summer skin care. Alternatively, we should reach for a cleanser that gently exfoliates our skin, then follows with a serum that hydrates our skin and gives it a big drink of water. 


Increase your antioxidants - topically and internally

Vitamin C regenerates our cells. When we are exposed under the sun for a long period of time, the harmful UV A/B from the sun will damage your cells. Luckily our body knows how to repair it, however it will use up a large amount of Vitamin C. So load up a good amount of Vitamin C to keep up with our body’s needs. On the other hand, topical applications of masques and serums regularly during this hot season will do wonders and save our skin from dehydration. Lastly, don’t ever forget sun protection!! Physical sunblocks such as mineral powder with SPF, moisturizer with sun protection, hat and sunglasses are all part of our summer gear! 

Written by Susan Lee 

July 2020

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