Self care in a time of crisis, and introducing GEM Beauty

Hi Everyone! My name is Ray Cher Yang and I am the owner of Gem Beauty Boutique. Gem Beauty Boutique is a proud partner and resides in Muse Hair Salon. This is our first blog post, and we plan on doing a blog weekly to bi weekly during this pandemic and beyond; so stay tuned! Since graduation in 2003 from Blanche Macdonald Center with the Full Esthetics program, I’ve been a full time esthetician, an educator and trainer, and some of you may know I’m also a real estate agent!


I am a mother of 2 children and as busy as I was with my career and business, my main focus is them. So children being my priority in life, and having a busy career and business, I believe a lot of women can relate to this when I say - I ended up neglecting myself badly.  

Ray's children

I felt that putting myself before my children was selfish. My “aha” moment was when it took me seven years to finally have a chance to use a $1000 gift certificate for a spa that was gifted to me by a couple of friends. When I entered the spa I felt at peace and realized how much I missed the spa and helping people relax, rejuvenate and feel the peace and calmness that I felt at the spa. However while I was there I also had a second realization. Due to a lackluster facial I received from the esthetician who didn't seem to care too much about her job at the otherwise high end spa, I began to consider following one of my dreams and opening my own spa and immersing myself and others in self care.  

A while ago Jada Pinkett Smith spoke to her children on YouTube about putting herself first.  Like many women including myself she put her husband and children first for many years and almost lost herself. When she realized this she implemented self care strategies to rectify this.

You can lose anything and anyone except yourself, don't feel guilty for taking care of yourself. You're no good to yourself nor anyone if you are drained.

Self care and self love are such current catch phrases these days but the idea behind them is nevertheless necessary.  The idea of tending to the self has never been more relevant than now  this pandemic.


Pandemic address and self care advice:

I want to take a moment to address what is on all of our minds at the moment which is quarantine and Covid-19. In these unprecedented times I am aware of how stressed I and all of you must be. We all experience stress differently but here is where self care and self love play a pivotal role between HOW we will experience this pandemic and in what place we will emerge from it mentally and physically.

Some things I have found that have helped me are being aware of water intake, exercising, sleeping well, eating well and taking time for yourself.  Please call anytime for skin consultations and advice. I am here to help and this is my contribution to society during the pandemic. When we take care of ourselves and maintain our appearance especially during tough times it makes all the difference. Our minds are able to stick to something close to normalcy when we make ourselves feel good through practicing self care. During this time pick up and delivery is available for you if you would like to order any of our Eminence and Eye Envy Products.

About Gem Beauty:

Gem Beauty Boutique is a proud partner and resides in Muse Hair Salon. Make us your one stop shop for all your beauty needs. I promise you won't regret it. With access to lots of free parking and for those of you who don't drive we are conveniently located right by the Canada Line on Cambie and 15th. We are beyond accessible to all. We provide a wide range of beauty services for both women and men specializing in Lash Lifts and Tint, Facials and Waxing. We are one of the first in Vancouver to offer the Yumi Lash lift and Tint. We also do lash extensions, nails, makeup and massages. We only use the finest quality products and are certified through Blanche MacDonald Centre. Yuka and Teresa are just a few of our estheticians here who also have over fifteen years plus experience in esthetics and are all passionate about our jobs. We also have Stella who specializes in Permanent Make- up and will also soon be adding Lash Tints to her menu.  We are here to pamper you and help you find what makes your soul shine! 

Products and services:

We are a licensed retailer of Eminence products; a natural, organic, handmade, Hungarian skin care line at Gem Beauty/Muse Hair Salon. These luxury products utilize the natural properties found in fruits and vegetables without adding preservatives and chemicals. Perfect for someone looking for beauty products that are natural and also very effective. Come try one of our facials customized to your skin. You will love it!

We also carry Eye Envy products which are best known for their incredible lash growth serum, as well as supporting products such as eyeliners and mascaras in the same line. Proven to grow lashes to great lengths, this product is ideal in its efficacy without the harsh side effects of similar products on the market at a fraction of the price. Eye Envy is the ideal product at this time to help regrow your natural lashes if you have extensions and no longer have access to this service or if you just want long, full and beautiful natural lashes!

We offer Lash lifts such as Yumi lash a keratin and protein treatment arguably the most fortifying healthy lash lift to date. With its origins in Europe for almost a decade it is still in its infancy in North American salons. This new technology leaves the lashes lifted and tinted. Alternatively we also offer Sugar Lash  Lift and brow lamination and tint.

We also have our own website where we sell some of our favourite items. We are just restocking our  beautiful Gem strip lashes which are reusable up to 30 times!! Always check in for promos, giveaways and new items in store!






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