Japanese Hair Straightening - How to Maintain Your Hair

Japanese Hair Straightening service is a chemical service (also known as thermal reconditioning) that permanently change hair to silky straight texture. This hair straightening service is very popular and saves a lot of time for people with thick curly hair who wants a simple hair styling routine.


Here is 5 Tips to maintain your hair after Japanese Hair Straightening:


1. 48 Hours AFTER 

After you have gotten the Japanese Hair Straightening service done, for 48 Hours, Don't do the following:

  • Washing your hair
  • Go into the Pool
  • Tie your hair
  • Pinning your hair

After the straightening service, there is still some neutralizers working on your hair and your hair is in a "setting" state, so if you wash your hair immediately the hair may not have had enough time to "cure" and the result may not be as perfect. Chlorinated water such as water in the swimming pool, may react with the neutralizers in your hair so it's also something to avoid. Tie the hair / pin the hair may also leave marks during this stage.


If you accidentally wet your hair, blow dry as soon as you're able to, and flat iron using high heat if possible. 



Most shampoos on the market contain some form of sulfate, and the purpose of sulfate is to create lathering effect to remove oil and dirt from the hair. However, sulfates are also aggressive detergents that may strip your hair and scalp of its natural moisture oils, making your hair dry and brittle. 

We recommend using sulfate-free shampoo as it's more gentle and less stripping, ideal for chemically treated hair. The hairdresser's invisible oil shampoo from Bumble and Bumble is a great sulfate-free shampoo to try and it's super moisturizing



Your hair may seem straight and shiny after Japanese Hair Straightening, but it is actually damaged and will start losing moisture as you wash your hair. It is important to use moisture rich hair masks regularly on a weekly basis to retain the moisture and repair the hair. We recommend the While You Sleep hair mask from Bumble and Bumble as it's super easy to apply and can be left on overnight for deep nourishment



Hair that's been Japanese Straightened is damaged and sensitive. Give your hair some time and do at least a few Hair Masks before you color. Depending on the porosity of your hair, and how damaged it is, coloring may or may not be recommended. 


5. Touch Up Every 4-6 months

The result of Japanese Straightening is permanent, until the roots grow out again! Usually by 4 months, you'll have plenty of regrowth that's ready to be touched up. If you have less than 1 inch of regrowth, it is not long enough to do the Japanese Straightening touch up. We can only do the straightening service if you have at least 2 inches of regrowth, and that is because the straightening solution is NOT applied on scalp and is applied slightly away from scalp, and less than 1 inch regrowth is very difficult to apply the solution without overlapping. Overlapping sections that were previously straightened can cause unnecessary damage and sometimes in extreme cases will break the hair. Touching up the regrowth every 4-5 months gives the stylists an ideal length of regrowth to work with.


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