A Facial for your Hair - Scalp Detox

What is scalp detox?

Prior to washing your hair, your stylist will apply scalp detox (from Bumble and Bumble) on your scalp, and massage the scalp for 1-2 minutes to exfoliate the scalp and buff away dead skin cells, unclog the pores, and clear product buildup. This is an invigorating experience that leaves your scalp feeling relaxed and super clean!


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Why scalp detox?

Everyone should exfoliate their scalp. The scalp detox is more than a cleanser, or shampoo. You can think of scalp detox as a facial, where you wash your face and put a mask on your face and use a steam treatment to deep cleanse your face. Detoxing the scalp can help relieve itching, dandruffs of various forms, and other kinds of irritations. Having a balanced, flake-free scalp is the key to healthy hair!


If you have never had a scalp detox before, now is your chance to try it for free! We are offering everyone to come and try our scalp detox, complimentary when you get a haircut on weekdays (Monday to Thursdays) in the month of February, 2023.


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