5 Things To Know About Getting a Digital Perm

As one of the premier hair salons in Vancouver BC, our experienced stylists provide digital perm service to transform straight hair into gorgeous wavy locks. If you're considering getting this service done, here is 5 things to know before you try 

digital perm machine working

#1 The Waves created by Digital Perm are Very Natural

Soft waves by Digital Perm

Digital Perm creates soft textured waves that are looser and bigger in general, and is best suited for medium to long hair. The curls do not start right from the scalp and is more prominent from mid lengths to ends, resembling closely to "salon blowout" looks. Digital Perm does not make your hair curly as in ringlets / tight curls, if you prefer very tight curls, the traditional cold perm is the one to get

#2 The service involves using Chemicals and Heated Rods

Muse proudly uses highest quality products imported directly from Japan to ensure the best possible result for our digital perm. The best result can be achieved with healthy hair, but we do have milder chemicals if you have colored / slightly damaged hair and will still be able to achieve good results. Digital Perm involves using chemical solutions to permanently change the structure of the hair, and reformed to the shape of the winding rods which are then heated from 70-130 degrees (depending on hair's condition). Due to the complexity of the service, you should only get this done by qualified professionals who have years of experience

#3 The service typically takes 3-4 Hours 

Plan your day in advance prior to coming in for the digital perm as this will take 3-4 hours, and even more time if we're also doing a hair cut / hair treatment. We recommend getting a hair cut that is designed with digital perm in mind, but if a lengthy session at the salon is not possible for your scheduling, you can break it down to 2 visits - get the haircut first, and get the digital perm next time 

#4 You'll Need a New Hair Routine

You'll still need to style your hair after having done the digital perm. The following is a general guideline on how you can style your hair  

  • Choose a moisture-rich shampoo and conditioner (We like the Curl Conscious Line from Bumble and Bumble)
  • After shampoo and conditioner, apply a small amount of leave-in product to further nourish the hair (Hairdresser's Invisible Oil is a great choice)
  • Dry your hair focusing on the scalp to create volume 
  • After the roots are mostly dried and just slightly moist on the length and ends (70-80% dry) split it into sections and twirl while drying
  • Alternatively, you can use a diffuser to dry and most people find this very useful and quicker to dry
  • Use a large hair roller (Velcro rollers are easiest to use) to style face-framing layers;
  • When the hair is completely dry, use a big tooth comb or fingers to smoothen the curl and apply serum or oil to the tips (You can definitely reuse a few more drops of Hairdresser's Invisible Oil)

#5 Digital Perm Cost More and Last Longer

Digital Perm is a way of thermal reconditioning of hair that permanently changes the hair's structure and therefore lasts longer. Similar to Japanese Straightening, also a form of thermal reconditioning, the hair will appear shiny and smooth. Results can be expected to last 6 or more months, some of our clients do it once a year! Starting at $250, it is more expensive than a traditional cold perm ($150) but is totally worth it if you're into Big Loose Luxurious Waves. We recommend doing treatments at home and / or at the salon to keep the hair healthy and moisturized.

Digital Perm Result

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