Muse Salon Reopening Date & Guidelines

Thank you for your continued support during this very difficult time. It appears as we are finally seeing a shed of light with BC"s Phase 2 of reopening, that salons are able to reopen. 

We can’t wait to get back at it, and do what we love doing - the craft of hairdressing! As excited as we are, we will do everything we can to ensure the safety of our clients and staff. We hope you’ll give us great understanding and patience as we return to a new normal with even more cleaning / sanitizing time and effort in between clients, slight changes in our service procedures, and possibly longer wait times at check in/ check out. We promise to do our best to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone to enjoy, and our staff have taken courses to better understand sanitary procedures and best practice in the work space:



Here’s a list of what you can expect, our new protocol designed with yours and our staff's health and safety in mind:

  • Clients are requested to wear a mask inside the salon. If you do not have access to a mask, we can provide one for $2 / mask (1 per customer, for our clients only). 
  • Wear glasses instead of contact lenses if possible
  • Wash / Sanitize your hands upon arrival
  • We will not be checking in your clothing / personal items. Keep them with you
  • Avoid Any Non-Essential Contact:
    • No greetings, handshakes, or hugging
    • No magazines
    • No refreshments will be offered
  • A staff member will be taking clients’ temperatures with a forehead thermometer
  • Clients will be asked questions such as, “Do you have a fever”, and “Have you been around anyone who has traveled recently?”
  • For the wellness of our clients, we will unfortunately discontinue use of hot towels and refreshments; and shampoos are done without head massages to limit contact duration

Our staff will be doing extensive cleaning/sanitizing prior to your arrival and after your check out, and we apologize in advance if your stylist is unable to attend your check out experience. Thank you for your patience and understanding! 


We're also making permanent changes to the salon to ensure more distancing between work stations and better ventilation:


Muse Salon's Reopening date will be Tuesday, May 19th. We will begin contacting clients who have had their appointments cancelled due to the pandemic shortly. Please call us back asap if we missed you. If you haven't signed up for our waitlist, please email us your name and phone number so we can reach you.


Stay safe everyone, we look forward seeing you soon again!



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