Inspiration and creativity happens with our stylists; working with pairs of scissors and using the latest, most effective professional products to achieve the ultimate hair transformations. Our specialties include the best products in the industry, and we carry Japanese straightening and perm solutions exclusively at MUSE.

From smooth and shiny straight hair, to bouncy glamorous waves, we provide only the best for you.

Olaplex Bonding Treatment

Go Blonder. Push the envelope further without compromising the integrity of hair. From the photo shoot to the salon chair, colorists are set free from the fear of damaged hair.

You can use Olaplex as a tool or a new service. The choice is yours. As a tool, use the Olaplex Bond Multiplier No.1 adding it to lightener or color and finish by applying Bond Perfector No.2 after color is rinsed from the hair to dramatically reduce breakage with every color service.


Uberliss – Super Smooth Hair

Super Smooth Hair. Uberliss delivers amazing results while utilizing exotic natural ingredients found throughout world.


Micro Mist Treatment Machine

Use the Micro Mist Treatment Machine to comebine with any of our hair treatments to treat damaged hair more effectively by using ultrasonic vibrations to emit an enormous quantity of microscopic water particles that penetrate deep into the hair. When the treatment is complete, cooling air blows to reinforce fixation of treatment agents to hair follicles, as well as creating a relaxing experience.


Japanese Straightening

Our stylists are well trained to perform Japanese Straightening, and we will customize the strength of the solution to suit your hair (not all hair are the same, your own hair might have different sensitivity on root, mid lengths, and ends), and monitor your hair’s progress as it’s processing


X-Tenso by L’Oréal

The result of the X-Tenso is natural looking, and makes your hair smoother and softer to the touch. Natural volume is kept and your hair will not be flat; your hair’s natural movement is also kept so the hair will have a smooth flow.

Hair Treatment

*Price does not include wash & style. All Treatments & Chemical Services includes shampoo, massage, and hand dry (Styling additional $30).*

  • Drastically reduce breakage during color / highlight services and makes colour last longer.
  • Relax scalp & neck massage, followed by micro mist deep conditioning for shiny, silky hair.
  • Repair, Lock in color, and Shiny Hair, by micro mist
  • Immediately healthy and shiny hair, lasting results. By micro mist
  • Silky, soft, smooth hair that lasts

Cut & Styling

Includes shampoo & condition, cut, blow-dry styling

Stylist I
  • Men — $35   Women — $45
Stylist II
  • Men — $40   Women — $50
Stylist III
  • Men — $45   Women — $60
Muse Signature Cut — +$50
  • The Cut + Complex5 head massage + essential oil shampoo + micromist treatment
Bang Trim — +$10
Up Do — $50 - $70

Wash & Style

  • Stylist I — $20
  • Stylist II — $25
  • Stylist III — $30
  • * Hot tools — +$10
  • * Mini styling tutorial — +$20

Japanese straightening

  • Short — $250
  • Medium — $300
  • Long — $350
  • Extra Long — $400

Japanese Perm

  • Short — $80 & up
  • Medium — $120 & up
  • Long — $150 & up
  • Digital Perm — $250


Color services include shampoo & condition, prices subject to stylist’s quote

  • Root Touch-up — $70 & up
  • Short — $90 & up
  • Medium — $120 & up
  • Long — $150 & up
  • Extra Long — $170 & up


Highlights include shampoo & condition, prices subject to stylist’s quote

  • Partial — Starting at $50
  • Full Head — Starting at $120
  • Balayage — Starting at $150
  • * Each additional color + $20

Hair Lightening

Hair lightening services include shampoo & condition, prices subject to stylist’s quote

  • Short — $70 / application
  • Medium — $90 / application
  • Long — $110 / application
  • Extra Long — $130 / application
  • Cleanse — +$25 / application
  • Scalp Protection — +$20

X-Tenso Hair Straightening

  • Bang — $60
  • Short — $200
  • Medium — $250
  • Long — $300
  • Extra Long — $350

Uberliss Keratin Treatment

  • All lengths (Except Extra Long) — $200
  • Extra Long — $250


Organic Mini Facial (30 min) — $55
  • Customized facial based on your skin type. Includes: deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, moisturizer, relaxing massage, and finish with natural mineral sun protection.
Organic Royal Facial (60 min) — $110
  • Customized facial based on your skin type. Includes: deep cleanse, exfoliation, treatment masque, moisturizer, relaxing massage, and finish with natural mineral sun protection.
Organic Supreme Facial (90 min) — $155
  • Customized facial based on your skin type. Includes deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, treatment masque, healing masque, moisturizer, prolonged relaxing massage, and finish with natural mineral sun protection.
Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion (45 min) — $150
  • A non-chemical, non-invasive procedure that removes the outermost layer of dry and dead skin cells to reveal younger, healthier-looking skin. It also encourages the production of a new underlying layer of skin cells with higher levels of collagen and elastin which further improves your skin’s appearance. This treatment also includes a soothing mask and a facial massage.
Add Anti-Aging Eye Treatment +$10
  • Add this marvelous and quick (designed just for your delicate eye area) treatment to any facial. Includes gentle fine lines exfoliation, deep hydrating masque, and soothing and energizing eye moisturizer.
Add Lip Plumping Treatment +$10
  • This pro lip treatment is a perfect addition to any facial. It gently erases dryness and fine lines followed by deep hydration and plumping; making your lips looking voluptuous and youthful in no time.


Complete your Back Body Treatment with 15 min Massage + $15 (total 60 min)
Complete your Full Body Treatment with 30 min Massage + $30 (total 90 min)

Relaxation Massage (Back 30 min / Full 60 min) — $45 / $75
  • Customize massage pressure based on your preference (choose from light, medium, and deep). The combination of western and eastern techniques detoxifies, improves circulation and eases out muscle stiffness.
Hot Stone Massage(Back 30 min / Full 90 min) — $60 / $110
  • This soothing specialty massage uses smooth heated stones and unique techniques to balance and invigorate your body and mind.
Reflexology (30 min / 45 min) — $40 / $60
  • Apply pressure to the reflex zones to stimulate the function of the whole body and the body’s own healing mechanisms.
Organic Body Treatment (Back 45 min / Full 60 min) — $75 / $100
  • Customized body treatment based on your preference and concerns. Includes: deep cleanse, gentle exfoliation, firming body wrap, and relaxing scalp massage.
Stylist III
Stylist III
Stylist III
Stylist II
Stylist II
Stylist II
Stylist I

What Our Clients Say

The salon was lovely – bright and clean. I also especially enjoyed their wash stations. The chairs give you a nice light back massage while your stylist gives you a head massage. And then the warm towel!! Heaven!

Anna N. Yelp Review

Misato takes her time to find out what you are looking for and does her absolute best to make sure you are happy. Reception is warm and courteous, and refreshments (such as tea, coffee, water) are served during your treatment.

Jen C. Yelp Review

They are fantastic here. I’ve see 2 different girls here now, and I really liked both of them (Tomomi & Kazue). I’ve had 2 haircuts and 1 up-do, and I’m impressed with their skill and wonderful customer service.

Kristin A. Yelp Review

Sally did an awesome job with my cut and her massages were amazing! I also like how she doesn’t use clippers for my sides and cuts everything which adds some nice texture. Awesome conversation and incredibly friendly.

Samson T. Yelp Review
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